Luke 2:8-20  And the Angels Praised God Saying Glory to God in the Highest

Our Worship is very important: It affects us, others, and even God.
We will see the truth unfold as we look at the Shepherds in the Christmas Story in Luke’s Gospel.  (Luke 2:8-20)  They were just doing their job, our in the far off fields, unnoticed by most of humanity.  Then they heard the Good News about the birth of Jesus.  They heard the Angels singing praise to God and the announcement that there would be Peace on Earth.  The Worship of the Angels declaring God’s Greatness really hit home with them. They were moved in their hearts and went to find the new born King.  They left their sheep in the fields and traversed to the city of Bethlehem to find JESUS.  They found Him and faith grew in their hearts.  They started telling everyone about Jesus and they became Worshipers, too.

Let us consider together how we can be like these shepherds of the Christmas Story long ago.

Our Worship Affects Us, Others, and Even God.
What is Worship?
It is a combination of many correct feelings and actions.  It is an encounter with God.  In its simplest childlike definition, it is giving God a complement and thanking Him.  It included our thought and actions, singing, praying, meditation, attention to God’s Word (reading, studying, memorizing, listening, applying, and practicing), obedience, giving, baptism, communion, etc.  It involves our mind, body, soul, spirit, and sometimes our possessions.

Our Worship Affects Us;
It lifts our hearts from our circumstances to God, and it helps us give our burdens to the Lord.  It changes us, like Moses at the burning bush, (Exodus 3)

Our Worship Affects Others:
How, why, when,and where we worship has an impact on others.  Acts 16:22-24   Paul and Silas were worshiping God in a dungeon, after being wrongfully treated.  God used the worship of Him to bring faith to the Roman jailer and all his family.

Our Worship Affects Our Relationship With God:
God is our Father.  How would you, as a parent, feel if your child purposely spent quality time with you and told you how awesome you were, and what a great parent you were, and thanked you for all you had done for them?  In John 4:19-26 we learn that God seeks worshipers.

This Christmas, why don’t you make a decision to seek our Jesus.  You don’t have to go to Bethlehem.  He is seeking you: Open your heart and invite Him in.  Remember, Worship Works Wonders.